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"Really inspirational, has opened my eyes to the diversity of book design!"

"Came in to the city especially to see this event and was not disappointed"

"Wonderful, some sublime pieces. Looking forward to next time"

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Since turn the page was founded by Jules Allen in 2012 it has grown into one of the most popular book art fairs in the UK and is highly regarded internationally. When the fair was launched in the stunning glass atrium of The Forum in Norwich, Book Art was largely unknown as a genre in East Anglia, now turn the page has become an integral part of the Norfolk Arts scene and has caught the imaginations of all that have visited and exhibited there.

Over the years we have shown the work of some of the most innovative and ground breaking book artists in our times, including the internationally renowned artists Audrey Niffenegger, Brian Dettmer, and Su Blackwell. 

Between 2018 and 2020 Rosie Sherwood took on the mantle of Artistic Director during which time she launched the annual turn the page Symposium providing a platform for the promotion and sharing of academic research and ideas within the field. 

Five new team members have now joined the fold headed once again by Jules, to help the event grow and prosper in the coming years, so that turn the page and the genre of artists' books can continue to inspire creativity and innovation. 

turn the page Artists Book Fair and Symposium has become a centre for excellence in book arts, bringing arts and artists, theorists, librarians and more to new audiences and contributing a lasting legacy to book arts in the UK. 

If you are interested in publicising turn the page or have any press related questions please contact Jules Allen at turnthepageabf@btinternet.com

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For all enquiries please email: turnthepageabf@btinternet.com

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