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Kate Bernstein, books inspired by the RA
Measuring the Heavens, 2020. Box,36 x 25

Measuring the Heavens - 

Kate Bernstein

In 2018 Kate Bernstein, book artist and printmaker, was asked by Creativity & Curiosity, an artists’ and astronomy project to join them, by invitation of the Royal Astronomical Society, in visiting the Society’s Library. Bernstein was funded by the Arts Council to carry out collaborative research at the Library and explore the outcome through the Book Arts.


Bernstein initially created three small books, each in an edition of twenty: The Infinite M; Printer of Stars and The Typographical Planet, then went on to collaborate directly with Dr Prosser, Librarian and archivist at the RAS. The result of that collaboration is a celebration of the RAS Library, Measuring the Heavens, 2020, an edition of 2.


All of the book works explore the role of printing in astronomical development and draw on historic sources form the library as inspiration.


Measuring the Heavens has been on exhibition in The Hebridean Dark Skies Festival, Stornoway, and at the Royal Astronomical Society Library, London. Following turn the page it will be exhibited at UWE’s Library and feature in an article in Printmaking Today, June 2020. Bernstein and Prosser will be giving an interview on the work and recording a podcast in May 2020 at UWE.