turn the page ABF 2021
books... but not as you know them

2020 is a year that will stay etched in our minds for ever. 

The past year has brought great unrest, sadness and loss the world over.

We are in unprecedented times and have relied more and more on technology, virtual galleries and shops, and video conferencing as our primary modes of communication. 


Nearly all public events have been postponed or cancelled altogether and sadly turn the page Artists Book Fair and Symposium 2020 was one of them.  We laboured over the decision but felt that the lively, vibrant atmosphere that the fair had become known for, just would not be possible in the circumstances.


In the light of the latest lockdown and the coming months still so full of uncertainty, the new turn the page event team have been putting their heads together to decide the best way forward for the coming year.


Knowing that the nature of the event is all about the coming together of like minded people in a tactile, social, bustling atmosphere, which is not something that can be easily replicated via a digital platform, we have made the decision to hold our next full live event in 2022.


This doesn’t mean that we will be sitting on our laurels during the coming months.

Our unique in house project ‘The Norfolk Longbook’ will be re- opened for submissions once again to create a special section dedicated to work made during Lockdown and beyond. 


We will be celebrating ttpABF throughout the year by dedicating our website and social media feeds to project ‘ANTHOLOGY’ a fluid showcase of all of the wonderful artists, poets and performers that have exhibited and performed with us since our inaugural event in 2012. 

Over the coming year we will be delving into our photo and film archives and retracing the steps from our very first event to the present day with slideshows, clips and the written word to  inspire and inform. Each past year will be on show for one month up until December when we will reveal our exciting plans for next year's event, which also happens to be the official 10th Anniversary of turn the pageABF     … all the more reason to make it really special and celebratory!

We hope that you will join us on our exciting journey!

From the ttpABF team

Jules, Rosie, Karen, Jen, Jo, Heather and Chris


Sarah Grace Dye - book 3.jpg